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has been a Very long time since i updated the LJ, and now with the new toy i might as well play with it. going back only a few weeks and running from there, life has either been hell or great.
for about a week straight it seemed the old saying about "no good deed goes unpunished" was how things wanted to play out. if i helped someone i got smacked. it was almost like the powers that be were playing. "ok, how long can we keep this up and he will Still try to help people..."
one example. friend has phone stolen, i loan him funds to get a new one. come home THAT NIGHT and my power supply on the PC is blown. dont have funds to get it fix. things like this go on for next week. car popped a cooling hose, lots of odd things. final one left me going "really? how can i not stop to help..."
it was pouring down rain as i was driving home from getting rent money order and there is this lady walking home with like a dozen bags of groceries and a large bag of cat litter. i pull over give her a ride home and help her carry in. driving home i was yelling "ok asshats, how are you going to get me over that one!?!" we start leaving for Dragon Con for my first vacation in, well ever. we have minor mishap after another delaying us leaving for 4 hours. but we get it going and are off. we pull into a gas station about 8:30am after being on the road all night and i call to check on my paycheck deposit which has hit at this time for past 9 months....
"your balance is 1.55$..."
humm, maybe its the time difference and will be there at 9:30.
"your balance is 1.55$..."
call HR and they say it has gone out so dont be worried. Dont be worried...
i am almost to Con. now with no money in GA....
i worried. ALOT.
we get there and all is going ok. money hit 5 mins late the next day just to give one last kick to the danglies.
Con was great. got the chance to hang out and talk with old friends i have not had the chance to in a Long time. made a few new ones. was tackled by vampires (gave blood)
all and all a good time was had by all. get home and get the car moving again. get the power supply fixed and now net is crashing out. come to find out this is going to be an up and down thing till Dec, o wait. the End of Dec at earliest. there are only two ISPs i can get here Clear or Time Warner...NOT doing the beast again.
next week goes well. got the chance to hang out with a friend i had wanted to get to know better for some time and we have become better friends. went to hang out with some friends at an event i have wanted to go to for a Long time and had a great time. one of the Co host hands me a Really pretty gun to look at which re started my Really want to learn more about guns mindset. man has far better luck then any 3 people should have. i thought BJ was bad, but damn lol.
all and all had the best night i have had in about a year or so. i was great seeing friends and getting to get better acquainted with new ones.
get back and get the power
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