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Deep eyes
"Its Time to work on that..." I look up questioning as to her intent as something small and warm is trust into my arms. Not something, but someone. Small but Old. I can do this. Just sit here and hold him. Nothing more. Nope. Nothing more. I am not going to think. Not going to Remember. Not going to look down... Crap... He had shifted and I reacted. Is he comfortable? humm, raise his head, yeah, that's better. Still asleep? Ok all is good. No its not. As I was looking at him he opened his eyes. He looks at me with the laze of a babe, but I see far more. There is the past and what I had longed to hold. The smile that would warm your soul. The hands that would hold me. I look back almost expecting to see my sons brown eyes staring at me. But is just his, looking into my soul. Holding me pinioned with their gentle force. There is no accusation. No judgment. Only warm acceptance that I will hold him safe for now as his eyes drift back to sleep. I sit there stuck. Staggered. Thinking. Could we have done it differently? Should I have pushed to get my way? No. We made a decision. Not one either of us wanted. A large part of both of us died that day. I still feel like a shell. Empty. Alone. In time may haps it will be filled again. For now I sit here and hold him tight with tears in my eyes and sleep.

Rhythms on the Wind

I guess I felt the sound before i heard it, flowing through the forest like a river. As it crashed into me i became swept away in a current of odd yet alluring rhythms. The was a unspoken promise of an even stranger delight that lay at it's source.

The sight I beheld was one of grand wounder. A large group of people in a circle of wagons were having a celebration of sorts. The wondrous music that had lured me in was coupled with the sounds of the people singing and dancing. The dancers were what caught my eye: when the moved there was flow of color and light as the swirled in a rhythmic patter that was alien, yet familiar to me.

The she caught my eye. It was a young woman, 18 or 19 may haps. She moved as though she had convinced the wind itself to dance with her, then added a little of her own passionate fire. A she moved faster with the sounds i found my own heart pounding in the maddening flow.

She looked around in the midst of the fury and gazed straight into my eyes. I fought to run before i wa further discovered, but could not free myself from that enchantress' powerful gaze. While i stood frozen in my hiding spot, a slow smile spread across her face. As her movements quickened I felt myself being pulled into the camp. I reached the rig of people I knew they would stop me, but they just moved aside and let me pass. Like they too felt her pull and did not want to break the spell.

I fell to my knees when i reached her and stared up at her as she moved in a swaying motion. She reached out with her hand and brushed my cheek. There was fire and ice in her touch. I felt like her fingers had seared my flesh and sent shivers through my very soul. She backed up a smiled again, then started a new rhythm when the sounds changed. she seem to flow around me while i sat helpless to even think. I noticed the rest of her for the first time. I saw the flow of colors as she moved. Her dress and blouse were a flame; the oranges and reds clung to her form. They revealed a side of her that made my blood feel as if it was being consumed in a great blaze and i myself would burst into flames any moment.

All of a sudden the music hit a new beat. She dove forward and embraced me in her arms and gently caressed my lips with hers, quenching the flames. A voice cried out that she was consuming my soul, but i refused to heed its words. She was giving me more pleasure then i had ever dreamed possible. If kissing her was to be my death, then i was truly kissing an Angel and was willing to go into the silent blackness to remain in her embrace.

Slowly she pulled away after what seemed a lifetime and spoke a sole word in my ear, "Jewel", her name. The sound echoed like a hundred angels whispered at once. When the beat started again it was a slow gentle rhythm. Jewel lay down on the ground next to me and we fell asleep. When i awoke the next day it was all gone. The wagons, the people, Everything was gone, except the remains of a smoldering fire and a scrap of red and orange cloth in my had.


I watch the flickering light off the coals and see the color lighten to a pale yellow glow. Smiling I remove the soft tender rod and lay her gently on the cold steel bed. warmly I watch the cooling lines begin to form as I raise high and strike one hard swing to feel her yielding to me. I set the rhythm, slow and steady. not to fast. stronger we push harder faster. strong, hard, the pounding only a soft ringing of laughter in my ears. sweat steaming down my body. never daring to let up. muscles screaming in protest, I scream in heat. change positions. softer, caressing, almost there. cool down. relax, smile. we're not done yet. final form. start slow work up to it. There, feel the edge form. faster faster. deeper deeper. till we explode in a finishing light. soft caresses to bring a sheen. the lady smiles in a sharp knowing smile.
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