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first off i am alive. much to the chagrin of a few people i did live and make it home. the weekend was physically one of the hardest i have had in a long while. To be fair thats not hard as i have sat on my ass the last 4 or so. Being back on nights was nice and working the concerts and dance again was good. next time i am going to make a few changes to how i do it though.

no on to the part i did not like. the Dog. when i was approached about doing the dog i said No. it would be a conflict since i considered Ches and i friends. after looking at the people that wanted it though and why i said i would no do it but my group babbage would. it was set up that they would provide all the entertainment and Stacy, who had done this for years in the past, would deal with the getting funds for just mixers and we would have people bring in their left over booze. simple huh?

so much for plans.

what happened was that a few days before kon i find out that Stacy will not be handling it and may not be at kon at all. that meant that i had to ask people to bring what they could for booze make sure the room was ready.
All weekend i kept telling people that this still was not my party that Babbage was doing it. i collected no money or anything for it till on sunday when someone came to me at the kiosk and asked where the kitty for Dog was. seems i had forgot something in all of this me not doing the party. Someone now had to get the mixers and stuff. i had about 5 people bring me funds for this so i talked a few friends into making the mix run. i had No idea what was needed so i talked to a few people and got ideas. i get everything there and set up and find out that i had not communicated well with babbage on what was needed from them. i had thought they would provide all the entertainment and the people manning the bar and door. Nope, ok we can do this. i found people willing to man it and got started. Towa and Jamil both stepped up and helped a Lot at this point helping me get it ready and started entertaining people with stories from kon. the rest that went on over the night was a lot of good and bad. there was no major drama(and i use that loosely) and no one vomited. there where more then a few things that happened that i am not happy with (like someone being brought up when he was not there to defend himself) and if i am allowed to even think of doing this again a lot will be different. with all the complaints i have gotten about  i am not sure. at this point i have NO idea why anyone would want this party. my interests in it where to see the party live on and everyone have a good time. several people said it would be my undoing and one even said let it fail. but i could not do that. too many people put way too much into this weekend not to get a little something back. Mary takes her heads to Kobe. what about the little guys? we worked hard to. in the end i got a few thanks and a lot of people unhappy. some things i did wrong where from just not knowing (cleaning the room after, what to do with the food and left over booze ect) and a lot where because i was not controlling things as i should of. in the end this monster became mine even though i did not want it.
Why does anyone Want it? i Thought this was about everyone getting together for a beer and relaxing after it was over.
in the end i most likely lost a friend over it and have people i care about (and several i dont) who are pissed at me. But what am i sitting here doing? thinking of how to correct this if i do it again. a lot of my problems came from not taking charge of it and instead tried to sit back and let it happen so i could say it was not My party. Next year i will make all kinds of new mistakes but i will learn from what these showed me.
as a friend told me i dug this grave so i will deal with it.
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