Sep. 9th, 2008

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it is a dark day when buying a friend a MC Donald's cheese burger will bring them to tears. a lot of times i forget as i am sure most of us here do with the bills piling up and lack of sleep and having to work 2+ jobs just to make ends meet that there are people out there having trouble too. i use to have a sticker that said "practice random acts of kindness." i know a lot of us have seen this one or had it. hands up if you did...lot of you. now hands up for those who have Done this as of late... where did all of them go? i a sad to say that if someone had asked me yesterday i would of sheepishly lowered mine as well. i had gotten so caught up in my own fight to just get by that i had not Really noticed how bad off a friend of mine was. my random kindness was not much. just a few burgers for her and her kid.
Kindness does Not, and let me repeat that bit for you kiddies NOT have to be done only in a church, or cost you a lot or anything like that. it can be a smile at a stranger having a bad day. it could be just listening to a friend, an i mean Really listening to them. not doing your check book or thinking about last nights date. a simple hug could mean the world to someone you care for.
if you read this and think i am full of shit say so. if not next time you see me or someone you care for give them a hug. its not much and in our money hard times they are the best price. Free.
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