Jun. 13th, 2008

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We where coming over a ridge when the smell struck me. A new pack in the area. Being just us was getting dangerous, too many times we where just getting by. A pack would offer safety and family. We approached slowly so see what was happening in the clearing. To my amazement it was not just a pack but several. We had stumbled into a gather. We approach shyly and on guard but find we are welcomed by most there. After a long drink in the lake that the gathering is at I look around for Shining star to see she is talking and having a good time with a few of the younger males. They jump and prance trying to show they are the best one to take her attentions. I stay in the area but am not worried. They are young but will not replace me. after talking to a few of the other packs alphas and Primes it seems this is a regular meeting where Lone’s could come and find a new place. I keep a close eye on Shining but she is handling herself well. Most of what is here is just young pups. There is one over on the side that limps in and looks around. He seems fairly well respected but something is odd. He keeps snapping at some who are around him. He is full of a Hate that you can feel, but does not seem to be a bad person. As we leave that night there is an odd feel to the air. Shining seems distracted, but does not want to talk about it. The next night I wake to find her gone. I go in search to find her talking to odd alpha from the other night. As I walk up shining spins and lunges at me. “back off!” confused I step back and ask what is going on. “This is my Mate. Respect him as such.” I am confused and a little hurt but respect her wishes and move back. “if you wish it he can join us” She helps and cleans him up and they move off. I stretch out and think about the night. I am not happy but if he makes her happy who am I to question it. After a few days I start to follow her sent to make sure she is safe. It is not hard to find but I am not pleased with what I find. She is sick and not eaten well. There are a few other members of his pack here. They are kind but very docile. He rules them with but something does not feel right. After scouting around their den it does not look like he has hunt in days. The others do some but it is barely enough to keep them going. I look at shining and see she is hungry. I go back to my den and grab some of the deer I was saving for dinner and take it to her. It is not much but will keep her going. Leaving it where she can find it I move back to give them space. She comes over and swallows it almost whole. It tears my heart to see her so in need. After she goes back to him and cuddles up and seems content. He seems to fill her emotionally in a way I can only guess I could not.

A few nights later we are all out exploring a new area and things start to feel wrong. The area feels full of hate and discontent. Some things have been done here to foul the land for years. We move around the area and are about to leave when something slams into Shining and her Mate slamming them to the ground. Her Mate yells and starts running after the entity. What ever it is is feeding of his anger and rage. I go after him and end up having to slam him to the ground to get his attention. “I do not follow you!” he screams at me trying to get around me to get at the thing. “No you don’t, but you left your Mate unprotected. She should always be your first thought.” He get ready to pounce and I just look at him and watch. After a few heart beats he backs down and goes back to Shining. She is better but still no breathing well. We take her and his pack back to the clearing to recover. I am upset with how things went so I stay to the side with my own thoughts. Everyone goes on about how great he is but I only see a pup that almost died trying to be bravado. I will keep him alive no matter what for no other reason then she cares for him, but what is the price? After a time Shining comes to me to talk. “Never challenge him again! He is a Alpha and strong.!” She yells at me. I shake my head and try to get her to see what I have seen, but it does no good. I am the one who was in the wrong she says, and am now out cast. I am very hurt by this and stay on the side as she feeds the others of the pack and then leaves me with a bare glance back. I limp back to my den and nurse you hurt. What can I do? I will Not let her be hurt if I can avoid it. Her happiness means more to me then my own life and soul. She is my Prime. No matter what others females join my pack she will always stand first among them.

A few days later I find her alone and winded. She has run from a long way off and is tired. I get her over to the waters edge and watch over her as she drinks. She seems not as angry with me but it is still there. What am I to do? Her Mate and his pack come up to take her away with them and I step back. She nuzzles him and smiles. As she is leaving she comes over and rubs my face, alls well in my world.


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